Computer Recycling – Facilities Management Company

On 14 July 2013 our computer disposal team received a telephone call from national facilities management company. Their client had requested they organise a secure and compliant computer recycling collection for some redundant IT equipment.

In total there were 5 sites which required an IT disposal service, this included locations in London, Reading, Bristol, Swansea and Northampton. Our computer disposal specialists attended site and collected various items such as monitors, base units, printers, a large photocopier, peripheral items and some small electrical items.

At Collect and Recycle, computer recycling is carried out in a secure, compliant manner whilst ensuring costs are kept to a minimum. In this particular case the customer had asked for a destruction certificate for audit purposes. This assisted with the organisations ISO 140001 requirements to evidence that a fully licenced computer disposal company had been used.

The sites all received a collection within one week of the collection request.