Express Compliance for Pizza Express


An unlucky restaurant manager at Pizza Express called Collect and Recycle late Friday morning on the back of two large fridges that had stopped working. The manager knew how damaging this was for his stock so arranged for the delivery of two new replacements ASAP! Collect and Recycle also knew how important the collection of these fridges were for the restaurant so provided a compliant service ASAP!

The service team at Collect and Recycle were able to tailor a collection to within the finest detail. The location of the restaurant meant that the fridge’s would have to be moved out the front door, obviously this could not happen during opening hours so Collect and Recycle were able to provide a precise time window on Monday morning before Pizza Express opened for lunch.

As well as an acutely tailored service to the individual, Collect and Recycle issued a waste transfer note and hazardous waste consignment. Fridges contain a multitude of hazardous substances including hydro carbons and ammonia, so proper recycling and disposal is crucial.

Collect and Recycle offer a compliant, quick and customer-oriented service for even the most nominal requirements. So if you’ve got an old TV that needs recycling, or 200 tonnes of scrap metal, Collect and Recycle will ensure it is disposed of properly.