Fridge Disposal and Recycling Solution

Collect and Recycle was recommended to a local University by their waste management company for the collection and disposal of redundant and scrap refrigeration equipment from various departments and residential halls about Campus.

We pride ourselves on all aspects of our fridge recycling and fridge disposal service, often working with national waste management companies and facility management companies in this capacity.

Collect and Recycle are well known by many blue chip companies as a reliable service provider for the safe disposal of hazardous WEEE items such as fridges, CRT’s, TV’s as well as mainstream items such as IT equipment and domestic type appliances. Fridge Recycling is a core activity of our organisation.

The University was appointed a Collect and Recycle Account Manager to oversee all aspects of the fridge recycling program.

Grace ensured all asset numbers from each fridge were recorded and corresponded with the Universities records, thereafter the fridge recycling program was initiated for the safe collection of each consignment of fridges destined for our safe and compliant fridge recycling process.

Logistics such as transport scheduling, attendance times and safe loading plans were all organised by Grace and her team in a professional and collegiate approach with the University.

Back at the processing site fridge recycling follows a strict process flow to ensure hazardous material does not enter the atmosphere, and that 95% of the overall volume of processed material is made available as a recyclate.  Our recycling rate of materials recovered is the pride of the facility as is our health & safety record.

Destruction certificates were issued to the University to correspond with their asset tracking records. The University uses Collect and Recycle for many WEEE recycling streams now  in addition to on -going fridge recycling, such as IT Recycling, Hard Drive Disposal, Computer Recycling, Television Recycling and students broken or redundant Small Domestic Appliances from within the halls.

Look no further for safe, compliant fridge recycling or in fact any type of WEEE recycling requirement and call us today.