Needing WEEE whilst travelling

Have you ever wondered what sorts of things get left behind by travellers in the UK?  A Youth Hostel in Cambridge probably would not have guessed that after only a year they would have 3 and a half tonnes of used electrical equipment locked away in storage. A gigantic hoard of fridges, TV’s, Radio’s, Kettle and sandwich makers was recycled for this charitable organisation.

This Cambridge based YHA got in contact with us after searching for how to remove and recycle this large quantity of electrical items. Being completely unaware of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations surrounding the recycling of all their storage, the YHA were pleasantly surprised when they received a quote of just £99 for a fully project managed compliant collection.

Not only did Collect and Recycle arrange collection of these items for recycling but gave free compliance information and advice to the YHA. The hostel were completely unaware that electrical equipment contains a multitude of hazardous materials and a compliant and safe procedure was needed. Collect and Recycle provided a hazardous waste consignment note and ensured that the waste was recycled to comply with all legal requirements. The equipment was sent just up the A14 to an AATF site (Approved Authorised Treatment Facility) in Huntington.

The YHA network work for a great cause organising local fundraising projects so we at Collect and Recycle were ecstatic when the request came through so that we could provide an equally beneficial service and help them make space.