Two Million Tonnes of WEEE

Each year approximately two million tonnes of mixed waste electrical electronic equipment is made available as a waste in the UK, so what is done with all that waste?

It does NOT all stay here in the UK to feed our own computer recycling, fridge recycling and or electrical waste recycling facilities.

An increasing number of television recycling, computer recycling, fridge recycling companies posing as WEEE recyclers are in fact selling thousands of scrap items each month to developing Countries across Africa and Asia.

The following list hold seriously hazardous material with in them:-

  • Computer recycling
  • Fridge recycling
  • Television Recycling
  • CRT Recycling
  • Lamp Recycling
  • Battery Recycling

When the shipping container is opened at the receiving factory these items such as computers, TV’s, Fridges and domestic appliances from within the house are tested, repaired and re-sold to a growing middle class economy. The problem lies in the disposal of the un-repairable items, which are then sold on to scrap merchants for recycling ‘by hand’.

It is understood that children sustain burns to their fingers, feet and arms by burning plastic from wiring to free up the copper metal within, which is of value. They and others come into contact with a lethal mercury dust when pulling apart Televisions and CRT’s to free up mother boards and copper.

Recycling is not yet regulated in many developing Countries and little or no protection is afforded to the people labouring by hand in deadly conditions to supply the world with copper and rare earth metals.


Collect and Recycle has begun discussions with several Companies within some of the African Countries to assist in setting up safe and profitable recycling sites that can deal with WEEE recycling sent from the UK.

We believe that ‘Re-use trumps’ Recycling’, but not at the cost of another humans downfall. UEEE stands for Used Electrical Electronics Equipment and this volume of scrap produced by the UK for recycling will add significant value to many others in the reconditioned equipment market.

We will report again later this year on our dealings with Kenya, Uganda and South Africa in the hope that we have created compliant, legal and human re-use and recycling routes for our WEEE.

The collection and disposal requirements for ‘Hard drive recycling’ and ‘fridge recycling’ by Collect and Recycle will remain within our facilities here in the UK.

It is our intention to work with partners in other Countries to ‘Re-use’ waste electrical items such as TV’s, small and large domestic appliances sent from the UK in a safe, sustainable and profitable way.

We are here to provide affordable, compliant, legal and ethical processes for computer recycling, fridge recycling, television recycling, crt recycling, electrical waste recycling, Weee disposal, Weee recycling, hard drive destruction, hard drive disposal from domestic and commercial sources.