WEEE disposal made easy

WEEE disposal jobs of all shapes and sizes come into the office every single day. From small to medium businesses requesting that their redundant electrical and electronic equipment is recycled pursuant to the legislation concerning WEEE recycling, called the WEEE directive.

The WEEE directive ensures that any waste items which are used in an electrical or electronic purpose or mode must be disposed of through a company authorised to recycle or resell WEEE.

By calling us; a customer with a call centre upgrading programme was able to utilize our WEEE recycling and hard drive disposal service within allotted timeframes in conjunction with new installation work at each of their call centre sites. We carried out computer recycling, fridge recycling and hard drive destruction at a cost that was under our customers’ budget. All WEEE was collected and recycled with a full asset tracking and data destruction audit trail.

Advantages to using us for WEEE recycling are as follows:-

  • Dedicated transport and collection service
  • Fixed pricing with no hidden costs
  • Dedicated account manager overseeing all aspects
  • Waste transfer documents and hazardous waste consignment documents completed in advance by our resident expert
  • Code of conduct for operatives attending a customer’s site
  • Supply of pallets, pallet wrapping or specialized transport containers on day of collection

Keeping our customers compliant with the legislation for all aspects of WEEE disposal, computer recycling and hard drive destruction is our primary focus in the process of collection.

Once we have received your WEEE our secondary focus is to maintain a 98% recycling rate, derived from every shred of material we can salvage to supply back into the manufacturing chain.

WEEE recycling does not have to be a challenge. Whether you have entire floors, labs, departments of commercial, industrial or business WEEE items such as is often the case in computer recycling projects, or you just need to get rid of an old broken photocopier…….look no further as you have found the best WEEE recycling outfit in the UK.

Computer recycling, fridge recycling, WEEE recycling made easy as we are the safest, most ethically minded, kindest and professional team of recyclers this side of Timbuktu!