WEEE disposal

A local school completed our online contact form and we made contact with the bursar same day. We informed the bursar: pursuant to the WEEE Directive we offer a compliant on-demand collection, disposal and recycling solution for both non-hazardous and hazardous WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

In order to keep them compliant as a producer of WEEE, our team guided the customer through the process of determining what was hazardous. Thereafter they administered the correct environment agency paperwork on their behalf. WEEE disposal was then made possible.

Our service starts at electrical waste recycling items that you have specified; and is delivered by our professional operations team to anywhere on your site. WEEE disposal is actually undertaken at one of our authorised WEEE treatment facilities, and the items are recycled onsite. The school were delighted that their WEEE disposal would be recycled at a local approved facility.

We undertake WEEE disposal separately in most cases, but can perform WEEE disposal as part of any additional clearance work you may require of office furniture and similar. We did offer to remove additional redundant items such as fluorescent light tubes, when instructed to do so.

Ask us about printer recycling and photocopier recycling, as we will discount these services when working in a WEEE disposal capacity for you. An old broken photocopier was also removed from the local school in this case at a discounted price.

WEEE disposal is made safe, affordable and compliant by Collect & Recycle.