Case Studies

Computer disposal made compliant and easy

We look at computer disposal through a different set of eyes at collect and recycle; as computer disposal = computer recycling opportunities.

Our team love computer disposal work and so do manufacturers the world over, as this is the starting point for a closed loop recycling system containing rare earth metals, increasingly difficult to mine minerals and complex plastics.

You or your organisation may be concerned about security when considering computer disposal, and as per our last case study please rest assured that all computer recycling and computer disposal is undertaken with manual hard drive destruction. In essence we provide a computer disposal service following the highest security practises within the computer recycling industry.

Our Computer disposal service is utilized by government, medical, education and corporate organizations based all over the UK, as well as hundreds of small to medium companies who care about the environment, understand the WEEE law and see the value in safe computer disposal.Computer recycling photo for services page

  • Computer disposal collections anywhere in the UK
  • Computer disposal security a priority
  • 100% computer recycling guaranteed in UK treatment facility
  • Computer disposal service laptops, servers, base units, printers, CRT’s and IT hardware
  • Computer disposal waste consignment notes prepared in advance
  • Computer disposal hazardous waste consignment notes prepared in advance

Our computer disposal service will guarantee that all of your computer and IT recycling requirements will be met responsibly, legally and with the greenest credentials available.

WEEE collection at the Racecourse

Racecourse – Electrical Waste Recycling

At Collect and Recycle we pride ourselves in providing a fast WEEE recycling & WEEE disposal service across the UK.

A call was received from one of our waste management partners whom we provide an electrical waste recycling service for multiple sites. The request came through late on a Friday afternoon when most WEEE recycling companies would have left for the week! The world famous racecourse required a WEEE disposal service by the following Tuesday morning between 9am-10am. In addition, the customer required a collection from two locations on site.ballabriggs

Our account manager liaised directly with the haulier to organise a collection during this specific time window. The following week the electrical waste recycling collection was carried out and the customer was left with a hazardous waste consignment note. The collection also required a ‘drivers mate’ to help load the items on to the vehicle, this can be provided for all WEEE recycling collections.

All electrical waste recycling is performed at our partner AATF site and destruction certificates can be issued on request. For this particular collection the customer also required all WEEE disposal documentation emailed to their head office.

For all your WEEE recycling requirements don’t hesitate to contact us for a fast, friendly and compliant service.

Computer Recycling made easy

Asset Tracking, Secure Destruction and Computer Recycling

Tracking your redundant assets, removing confidential data and outsourcing an ethical computer recycling route can be time consuming and costly. We offer a competent and trusted turn-key solution, which will reduce your organisations overheads and the burden placed upon your staff in all aspects of IT Recycling. Our computer recycling service ensures:-hard-drive-destruction1

  • Resource extraction from obsolete or faulty Computers.
  • 100% computer recycling rate on all items collected.
  • Bespoke data wiping and mechanical shredding solutions to meet the most stringent requirements.
  • Tracking of redundant computers throughout the recycling process.
  • Non export of your discarded hardware.

As part of our computer recycling process, we account for all items collected by offering full asset traceability and peace of mind. Our computer recycling method provides for a full inventory with recycling method statements if required.

We offer a computer recycling service for the destruction of all forms of media storage devices, with particular emphasis upon Hard Disk Drives:

  • Binary Wiping to Government Standards (UK CESG, US DOD, Canadian Ops, NAID)
  • Disassembly of equipment for mechanical shredding
  • Full certification of the destruction (computer recycling process) including make, model and serial number of the hard drive and any associated asset numbers your organisation provides us

Collect and Recycle offers a reliable, secure and economical solution for the computer recycling of redundant, obsolete, faulty and scrap computer equipment. Our services are designed to recuperate the materials that would otherwise be lost during the disposal process. Computer Recycling allows us to recover:-

  • Ferrous Metals from Computer Carcasses, disks and drives
  • Aluminium from Heat sinks, HDD and base unit cases
  • Copper from heat sinks, motherboards, daughter cards & wires
  • Copper from Cables
  • Plastics from Cases
  • Precious Metals from CPUs, memory and motherboards

We recover 100% materials of all computer equipment collected that has been requested to be sent for computer recycling. Our service makes us a leading provider of computer and IOT recycling in the UK.

Trust in our computer recycling abilities, our service and security that all of your redundant assets are handled correctly.

We are legally obliged to produce a waste transfer notice, detailing the number, weight and description of computer equipment such as base units, laptops and other IT equipment transferred into our possession, all in accordance with the Duty of Care Regulations. In some cases a hazardous waste consignment note will be required if the items destined for computer recycling contain hazardous materials such as mercury or lead both found within CRT units.

Our collection staff will be happy to advise you with regard to discharging your legal obligations when a collection is carried out on equipment destined for computer recycling. Don’t worry we will keep you compliant.

For more information, or to request a quotation, please request a call back and we will do so ASAP.

Computer Equipment Recycling, Secondary School, South West

We were referred to the head mistress of a large secondary school in the South West of England who had been quoted over £400 by a local waste management company for the disposal of their redundant electrical and computer equipment.

A list was made of the number and type of items to be disposed of; so that we could calculate the weight of the consignment to organize the correct type of vehicle for a collection.

The school had no way of moving the equipment and so we also estimated the number of plastic boxes we would require for the safe removal of the items.

For the cost of £0.00 we provided 30 heavy duty plastic storage boxes and helped the school staff load each of the 30 computer bases, 30 computer monitors, and ancillary items into the boxes. In addition we made ready for the collection of an old photocopier, two printers and some broken office fans.

Our collection of the above equipment was booked at £0.00 cost to the school and all of the above was collected by us delivered to our facility in Avonmouth.

We issued the school with a waste transfer note.